How to check the Content pack version, patches in UCMDB

Hi all,


I need to know how to check the content pack version and installed patches details in ucmdb 9.05.


Is there any way to find it in the UCMDB UI ??


I just could see the CUP version in the Data Flow Management tab, but i cant see the Content pack version there.


Please let me know.


Thank you.

  • Hello,

    9.05 is an old version. I would recommend the following document to see the evolution of our product since 9.05.

    To answer your question ... there are two ways to do it:
    - from UI - navigate to the "About HP Universal CMDB" under the Help Menu. This opens the HP Universal CMDB dialog box, which provides version, license, patch, and third-party notice information

    - from the configuration.log file (path "...\hp\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\runtime\log") you will see statements beginning with:

    2016-10-28 11:06:46,505 INFO [qtp89259620-279] - *** System information ***

    The server info will be displayed in the lines following this statement.

    An additional method is to access JMX console of the server and invoke UCMDB:service=Server Services. Method: viewSystemInformation
    I hope it helps.