Interactions Category details Modifications

Hello , We have CIT scenario Email Fetching in our environment and we wanted to figure out if there is any way we could be able to modify Category, Area,Subarea details of  Interactions which are registred through Email fetching Scenario -with open_idle status. Looks like its OOB behaviour  in 9.30 that after a Interaction registered or escalated regardless of status ie. open-linked or open-idle, Category ,Area,Subarea fields  goes greayed out.




  • The out of box read only controls on the SD.update.interaction format use variables set in the cc.edit.incident displayscreen. Those controls allow for an ESS-submitted ticket to be reviewed and updated before most fields are set to read only.


    The challenge is that you need to provide similar capablities for a ticket submitted via email. You can do this by:

    • trying to extend the existing controls for edit to allow editing of tickets submitted by email (assuming you have some way to identify them, or can add a field to do so).
    • add an additional condition to the existing read-only expression on the form to enable editing of a email-submitted interaction.
  • Hi,


    You can always set a custom flag to true in the CIT scenario for the interactions which are logged through email.


    After that you can write a condition in incidents format control to check if the flag is true and set the read only/editable conditions accordingly.

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