LWSSO is not working in Productoin

We have LWSSO integration for HPSM and HP PPM. We have followed all the steps which had been given for the LW SSO Integration for SM and its working fine. But right now HPSM URL has been routed through the proxy URL and is not working from web access. Once the user login to the index.do url system is automatically routing back to goodbye.jsp page.

For your information this is the current architecture.

HPSM Server  -
Web access for HPSM server - http://<HPSM Webtier Installed URL>/servicedesk/index.do - working fine without any issues even with LWSSO, but 
Web access for HPSM server (through proxy URL) - https://<proxy URL>/servicedesk - working fine without LWSSO, if LWSSO enabled this URL gets auto logged off and goodbye.jsp appears.

Can someone suggest us a solution asap as the users are not able to access the system in PRODUCTION.


Thanks in advance