Close Incident and Interactions through ESS



I have desigined a customized form in an end user page where i have used customized button "submit" which must do two tasks for me:-

1. Close the interaction 

2. Also close the associated incident for the interaction.


I logged in as an ESS user , click on customized button "submit" , & recieved the following :-


"User sa00002 does not have authorization to perform the action: close"


sa00002 is a self service user.


I have placed the script in the DO of the submit button. 


My Script looks like :-


var RelatedIncidentID;
print("Befoer scfile now");
var mySCFile = new SCFile("screlation");
var qid=record.incident_id;
print("qid" qid);
var f1 = mySCFile.doSelect("source.filename=\"incidents\" and depend.filename=\"problem\" and source=\"" qid "\"");
print("after screlation select");
if (f1 == RC_SUCCESS)
RelatedIncidentID = mySCFile.depend;
print("Related Incident ID" RelatedIncidentID);
var findIncident = new SCFile ( "probsummary" );
var f2 = findIncident.doSelect( "number=\"" RelatedIncidentID "\"" );
if (f2 == RC_SUCCESS)
print("After update" findIncident.problem_status);


I have attached the DO screenshot.


Pls help .


Kudos will be awarded.


Thanks in advance.