Auditing with Format Control HP SM 9.40

HP SM 9.40 : Tailoring help topics for printing manual

In this pdf document, it mentions 'Add lookup functionality to format control' on page 296. I can get the server to track the auditing changes in the 'Audit Log' but it will not give me the drop-down user menu button 'Audit Lookup' function for a specific record. 

Does anyone have any hints on why this will not show up?


  • Did you do this:

    To add Lookup Functionality, perform the following steps:
    1. Access the Format Control record associated with the form or file.
    2. Select the Save Copy.
    3. Click Additional Options.
    4. Select Additional Options.
    The Additional Options panel opens.
    5. Activate Lookup Functionality by adding the following specifications:





    Audit Lookup






    Audit Lookup


    Could not call Audit Lookup application.




  • Hi Tom!

    Yes I have completed all of those steps to "invoke auditing from Format Control" starting on page 288 and ending on page 296. I've run the "Test audit lookup functionality" on page 289 but it doesn't offer me the option of "audit lookup" in the drop-down menu. 

    I'm trying it on the contacts table. I've tried looking for the "audit lookup" button in the drop-down on top level contacts search form and in the individual contact form where the users information is showing and it does not show up in either place. 

    I guess what I'm looking for is other than the stuff in the help document, is there anything that I should look out for that needs to be in place that might not be set up yet?


  • It worked for me. Are you doing this for Contacts or Operators? Can you screenshot the Additional Options section of the master format control for the given table?
  • That looks good.  Now, can you pull up a Contact record, right-click and then show up the Options?  For me, I see Audit Lookup at the very bottom of that list.

  • Hey Tom,

    I still don't get that drop-down. Is there a hook in the background that I could be missing that is not included in the directions that you know about?

  • Just for good measure, could you turn off Record List on your Desktop Client, then logout and log back in and look again?

    You can turn off Record List by going to Window - Preferences, expand HP Service Manager, click Appearance, then uncheck "Show detail pane with record list", click OK.

  • Hi Tom,

    I still do not see the 'Audit Lookup' function. I will give it another go tomorrow. 

    The audit log will still log changes it just does not give me the drop down option.

    Thanks for all the help Tom, gotta keep up this momentum!!

  • Since that Option isn't displaying with the format control, you can add the Option the old fashion way by creating a Display Option record. Give that a try.
  • Hi Tom,

    I've done what you said with the old fashioned 'Display Option' and I have the following settings below.

    Now it shows up and I'm able to look at the audit records but it shows every audit change that has been made (all the different tables and fields that have auditing enabled for).

    What condition can I put in there that will only pull up and show the audit changes for the current record that I am in?
    Would that be a condition or below in the 'Rad' application section with the 'Names' and 'Values'?

    Once again I appreciate allllllll the help Tom. Keep on beastin!