2 state of button

Is it possible to make at form button with 2 state.

When just open the form displays the name of the button "View All" after press on it button displays the name of the button "View Active" and when press again name back to "View All" and so on...

  • For now i make just close solution (not in ONE button).

    2 BUTTONS:

    first with name: "View ALL"

    second with name: "View Active"

    They both on same place, but displayed only one of them at same time.

    Display condition for First one: [$ViewAll]<>"true"

    And display condition for the second one: [$ViewAll]="true".

    Also there is some "button ID", that let me set expressions in DO for this form to change value of $ViewAll variable.

    Pre RAD expressions

    if ($ViewAll=false or $ViewAll=NULL) then ($ViewAll=true) else ($ViewAll=false)
  • Hi,

    The label of a button can be replaced by the content of a variable in the "Input" attribute.

    If the variable is null, then the Caption is shown, when the variable is set, then the Caption is replaced y that content.

    Best of luck with your design,

    Ben Rabau

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