display current approver from request to Interaction

SM 9.3x

Users want to know who is current approver for his interaction. (for SRC and for SelfService portal)

  • As i see that task, i need take ocmq number from screlation table and then  take from Approval table this number and status pending.

    Looks like i can use FC-Calculations- for Dispaly where need to call js, wich make search by conditions described above.

    1) maybe it can be implemented easier

    2) May be need condition in FD for incidents (interaction) for field - display it only when Approval have currentpendinggroup and status pending.

  • Verified Answer

    Since nobody responded, I implemented this functionality in my SM.

    Will publish if anyone is interested


    But, would be grateful if you tell me how to display this  in SRC (i made it for ESS)

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