ESS Menu and and control buttons

1) For ESS menu - after enter into form (open SD, update SD, ...) under form (wich i can edit in FD) there is bottons:

"Back", "Cancel", "Use Template", "Search for known errors", ...

So how can i control it - display by condition, hide or unhide,... ? - because there is no that buttons on form.

2) What is DisplayOptions for menu.gui.ess.SD ?

  • Hi Alarmus

    Customize the self-service interface

    Applies to User Roles:

    System Administrator

    You can customize the self-service interface by changing the menu and forms that HPE Service Manager displays to the user.

    Task 1: Change the menu record

    The self-service menu record contains option numbers, descriptions, and the RAD application called by the option. If you change the contents of the menu record, especially the options, change the corresponding forms to match.

    To change the menu record, follow these steps:

    1. Click Tailoring > Database Manager.
    2. In the Form field, type menu.
    3. Click Search.
    4. Double-click the menu form.
    5. In the Menu Name field, type ESSSM.
    6. Click Search to display the self-service menu record.
    7. If you make changes, click Save.

    Task 2: Change the forms

    The self-service menu record contains option numbers that correspond to the Button ID on the form. If you changed the options in the menu record, the Button ID on the form must match the associated option number in the menu record.

    To change the forms, follow these steps:

    1. Click Tailoring > Forms Designer.
    2. In the Form field, type menu.gui.ess.SD.
    3. Click Search.
    4. Click Design.
    5. After you make the changes, click OK.
  • So, As i understand:

    We can use on menu.gui.ess.SD element like  "link lebel" and set action (botton code) for this element equal number from option field of menu table.


    How can i make "combined button" on form ?
    How can i use my own picture (icon\pictogram) for buttons (like in menu.gui.ess.SD) ?


    And how about control bottons like - BACK, CANCEL, APPLY TEMPLATE,.... 
    wich placed under form.
    How can i control them (hide or set visibility by condition,...)