Several WebTiers


Can you help to know how can i setup several webtiers to one SM application ?

For example there is one webtier with address: http://FQDN/sm9/

And i need add another one version of webtier - 9.35

So i add new webtier sm935 to Tomcat-Webapps folder.

Where do i need configure if this is setuped for SSO (IIS-Tomcat)

  • I did this a long time ago. It's all controlled via the url. Just point it to the right directory on tomcat. For example, http://FQDN/sm9/ for your current webtier which point to sm9 on tomcat and http://FQDN/sm935/ which point to the directory sm935 on tomcat.

  • That's what i asking about - what is "configuration" files contain this settings ? and in Jakarta\conf folder ?

  • No tomcat settings required. Only SM webtier settings that is required and only settings to point the webtier to your SM db. That is in the SM webtier installation guide. Single tomcat with several SM webtier versions. Next step is just tell your users which url to use for which web tier versions.

    If you want better shorter urls, you could look into tomcat aliases and the tomcat settings required.


  • As i know there is settings in web.xml where i specify SM APP (not DB) server (serverhost and port for it)

    I'm warry about settings in file -, wich used for SSO (IIS -> isapi_redirect.dll -> Tomcat)

    this file specifies where to redirect the URL request (to which worker in Tomcat)



    So when i type in url http://FQDN/sm9

    Then automatically loading http://FQDN/sm9/

    So what will happen if i set new webtier, for example sm935 ?

  • Maybe someone else can help. I don't play that much with Apache Tomcat beyond the standard installs.

  • If you are only running the one Tomcat machine, and the sm941 and sm952 webapps are under that one Tomcat, your can be very simple. You only need one worker in, and then your can have two lines:



    (I suppose *=workerName might work, though I haven't tried it).

    These files really only need to be complex if you are using multiple Tomcat instances and/or multiple machines. For your case, it should be straightforward. Just send any requests to the single worker, and they should direct fine. You'll still need to type http://FQDN/sm941 or http://FQDN/sm952, though.

    SHORT ANSWER: If your Trusted-Sign On was already working for the one webapp, it should continue to work unchanged if you drop another folder inside tomcat\webapps; you would just use that new folder name in the URL instead of the previous folder name in the URL.

  • Thank you.

    But, as you tell me -  i have one setuped with TSO webtier (sm93) and now setup new one (sm935) in same tomcat.

    And now if just change URL from FQDN/sm93 to FQDN/sm935 then i get error:

    404 - File or directory not found.

    Server Error
    404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
    by the way in my file
    If i change this to 
    then new one URL will work fine (but old will be with error as above)
  • Do you have any redirects or anything particular in your IIS config?

    Can you try with uriworkersproperties like this:

  • Yes, of course I have a redirector. (IIS->TomCat)

    And I tried setting up like this



    And this is  did not work (my webtier: sm9 and sm935)

  • what if you change it to:

    i.e. include all URI paths you need to use