Set 24h format


For SRC for user selection i set field Date/Time and when users set his data in this then they see in Time field AM/PM format of Time is it possible to make 24h format of time for this ?

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    Thanks for contacting us.


    Regarding your request, here is something that might interest you.

    1-open the SCR installation PATH and go to resources.

    2-in both of the folders (client, Server), search for the language that you are using.

    3- in there, there is a file named "DateFormat", open it.

     4- you can modify these parameters to suit your needs.


    Please review this and let us know if it helps you 



  • Thnx for answer.

    I found "" file only in client folder and it already has a value 24:


    But anyway in user selection in request for dateTime filed i see AM, PM

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