how to select a form from the list of available forms for a file

I have several forms for device file.

There is setting in DS to display by "capability words" different form for operators.

How can i make for operator the selection which form (from available list) he is want to use ?

  • Hello ALARMus,
    Hope you are doing well.

    OOB, looking for "device" in the Forms Designer retrieves 128 results.

    However, it is unclear to me what you mean by using capability words in here. Could you please elaborate?



    Jose L. Arias

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  • What i have now:

    1) Several forms for device table, for example: device1, device2 and device3

    2) There are operators with some "CapabilityWords"  (cap.exec), let's say: CapW1, CapW2 and CapW3

    3) In DS i set 3 conditions in MAIN-INITIALIZATION EXPRESSIONS:

    if (index("CapW1", $lo.ucapex)>0) then ($L.format="device1.g")
    if (index("CapW2", $lo.ucapex)>0) then ($L.format="device2.g")
    if (index("CapW3", $lo.ucapex)>0) then ($L.format="device3.g")

    What i need:

    After update the forms and check the result of the update, I need to be able to run any form for myself.

  • Thanks for your answer!

    And those queries brought results?
    Because I am not sure it can push that type of information. Had to try it myself thought.


  • I think you might change the "$lo.ucapex" for "cap.exec".

    Hope this helps!

  • Thank you for answer.

    About "change the "$lo.ucapex" for "cap.exec"", in my environment, variable $lo.ucapex contains the required values and displaying the right form for different operators works as it should. 

    It is necessary that I as an administrator could open any form of my choice from the list.