No data remains in the field on the form

Form: or IM.update.incident

There is 2 fields (field with list):

- ServiceLevel1

- ServiceLevel2

The select function is used for ServiceLevel1 field: select( "name.service", "serviceslevel1", "section","IT")

The select function is used for ServiceLevel2 field: select( "name.service", "serviceslevel2", "section",[ServiceLevel1])


So i select from list on form the value for ServiceLevel1.

Then do the same for ServiceLevel2 - i see droped down list of value for that but when i choose one of them the field stay empty.

  • Hello ALARMus,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Seems to be a defect. I recommend you to open a Suppor ticket instead.


    Jose L. Arias
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  • That problem for windows client.

    In WEB client selected value stay on screen while press save record.


    There is another feature. Previously created records in the tables serviceslevel1 and serviceslevel2 are easily selected, but the newly created records in these tables are displayed in the list by the select function but the selected value does not remain.

  • Intresting, if i clear "only select" for this field on form then all data stored.