update incidents via email

I need update incidents via email using CIT.

Can you help me set this up:

1) Setup it in SM (set what field to update,...)

2) Setup it in CIT (scenario)

  • Hello ALARMus,
    Thanks for your question.

    I would suggest you to contact with PSO to help you in more detailed. 
    Kindly refer my recommendation as below:
    1. In the email title you must insert the ID of ticket with some special character so CIT can use this syntax to extract your ID in the title.
    e.g: [IM123123] - YOUR TITLE IS HERE . In this case your special character is "[IM" or "] -"
    2. In Connect IT, please follow below steps:
    - Create a new scenario to update Incident or you can create a new mapping for Update Incident. Let's call it Update scenario/mapping.
    In your mapping you need to use UpdateIncident webservice instead of CreateIncident as the Create mapping.
    - In the new Update scenario/mapping, you need to do 2 things:
     Determining when to use Create scenario/mapping and when to user Update scenario/mapping. You can search for your special character e.g. "[IM" or "] -".
    If this characters exist you can ignore Create scenario/mapping. You can use functions InStr() to search and PifIgnoreDocumentMapping() to ignore.
     Determining the ID of your ticket in your email title in Update scenario/mapping so SM know which ticket need to be updated. You can use Left(), Right() and Len() function to extract this ID from your title.
       Map your body email to Journal Updates field in UpdateIncident document.

    Also here you can find the Connector's Guide for CIT 9.60, 9.70 and 9.80:


    Best regards!


  • Thank you Jose.

    I need just update incident (probsummary) via email.

    I will use Subject to transfer incident number (IMxxx) and Body to update some fields (like: status, Resolutions and custom field add.info)

    The character to limit the value of field will be ^

    In CIT i added scenario EmailFetching->Mapping->SMWEBServices

    But what i need to do next in SM and in SMWEBServices (in CIT)  to be able to create something in MAPPING ?

  • Hi Alarmus,

    For updating icnident in SM using Connect-it , we need to use email as a destination connector & SM webservices as a destinbation connecter.

    In Mapping we need to map the fields from email connecter with the SM weservices conncetr. Make sure use the update mapping so that the update actiuon can bee called which is used in extaccess record in HPSM.