Display in menu for ess user - model for his subscriptions

I need to display in menu for ess users, list of value from "model" (or\and other) field for table "device", for that "device" which user have in active subscription in "subscription" table.

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  • i see.

    Now i have a few more questions.

    1) Where is this relationship (Subscription-ServiceName -> Device-logical.name) established for the possibility of choosing the second level ?

    2) After selecting the device table fields, the columns are named: "ServiceName Model", "ServiceName Location"

    Is it possible to set name for columns as i wish (Just Model, Location or any other)

    3) The user seeing the resulting list can click on the record and get to a different format, I need the user to see the list and could not enter it.

  • 1) relation table

    2) You can change the values of each field on datadict but the result when you use this level functionality is the concatenation of the two captions, the one used to bind both tables and the second of the field itself on parent table.

    If this is really a problem instead of using standard view mechanism you can write your own sql on inbox and define the caption as you wish :) - normal SQL clause..

    3) This is a normal QBE, you can try to disable it by checking from where the "clicking" is comming and change the action to do nothing but the better is leave as it is and just create a simple format with only information they can see.. no warm on that.

  • 2) about my own SQL in inbox

    Where can i do it there (the table already defined)