VirtualJoin from several tables

I need to display in contacts form for subscription tab subscriptions of user but for current dispalyed table taken from Subscription table using VJ i need add one more column with date of canceled subscription but this data in table activitySubscription.

So need display data from different table in current form in one - on form table

  • For example i need to display on contacts.g form in Subscribers tab next columns:

    DisplayName (subscription), status(subscription), Subscriber(subsciption), subscriberType(subscription), datestamp(activitySubscription)


    datestamp - last date for current status(subscription)

  • There are answers here:
    It is necessary to create a join table of 2 and take information from it. Works good.


    Тут есть ответы:
    Нужно создать join таблицу из 2-х и брать информацию из нее. Работает хорошо.

  • 1. Make new "joindef" record add so many tables as you need).

    2. Check erddef record, if it not created automatically you need to do it manually.

    3. Setup your link to use new join file and write form name to show list.

    4. make new form for your join file.

    On form use syntax file.yourfilename.yourfieldname:
    for example:

    If fieldname is unique you can use just fieldname, it will work.









  • The problem is that contacts table (where i need to display data from 2 other tables) has a relation (link VJ) with only1 table (Subscription) and has no direct relation with second table (activitySubscription). But Subscription table has relation (link VJ) with activitySubscription.


  • Make join table SubscriptionactivitySubscription

  • joindef Subscription-activitySubscription ?

    And then ? Use link for contacts with this new joindef ?

  • In your link you need to change the destination table from Subscriptions to a new join table Subscriptions-activitySubscriptions. And specify qbe form name for the join file. And don't forget to make it (new form)