How does it work ? (integration)

There is some methods to do update data in SM from external source.

Using CIT:

1) ServiceCenter / ServiceManager WebServices

2) ServiceCenter / ServiceManager

what is the mechanism of updating the table: where the data is stored, how is determined which record should be updated,...

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  • I mean something else.

    How the data coming in by mail passing through CIT gets to SM and how in it they are transferred and get to the final fields of the system.

    1) In CIT  i set scenario and some data processing (parsing, assigning a value based on conditions,... )

    SM side:

    -WSDL : set list of fields to display in CIT, set list of avalable actions

    -eventmap: list of records with map name and field name

    And what is happen next after i set the association of SM fields, which became visible due to the fact that they were set in the WSDL and eventmap and the data from the e - mail message ?

    how the system decides whether to update or create. If update, how will know what exactly record....