Notification for operator from selected assignment group

What will be best way (common scheme) to do nex ?t:

In probsummary if you select some assignment group (let's say SupportGroup) when you create a new record or update the assignment group to this group in the old record, send an notification to the operator from this group if this operator is in the same location as the

  • Hi,

    We simply wanted our user to be able to opt in or opt out of assignment notifications and thought there should be something OOB for this, but instead we had to create custom funtionality.

    We ended up adding a flag in their operator record and used a javascript Rule which had conditions and that check the operator records of only the members of the group for the value of this flag.  We then got info from their contact record, before passing info to macro.mail1 using a 'callrad' rtecall.  It seems like you might need to do something similar, if you want to compare the contact's location with potential recipient's location before sending to only those individuals.  You would probably only need to check the contacts file, instead of the operator record also, so perhaps simpler.


  • I suggest the next solution:

    Initial conditions:

    1.1) the probsummary record contains the location of the (added by the link from contacts)

    1.2) Operators from asignment group can support more than one location


    So as solution, i think, we need:

    2.1) add to contacts(or operator) table new field (array) which contain list of supported locations (do this for members of assinment group)

    2.2) trigger for add/update probsummary should check all members of assignment group (while it is necessary for one group) and select recipient(s) for notification by comparing location (1.1) in probsummary and lsit of locations for each member of assignment group (2.1) stored in their contacts(or operator) record.


    Just may be there is better logic.