SM7.11 Connect-IT SC/SM Connector

Hi Experts

I am sitting with a problem, and was hoping someone could possibly assist.

I am trying to export all Devices from a SM7.11 instance using the Connect-IT SM/SC Connector, NOT the SC/SM WebService Connector

All is fine, however it only exports 500 Devices, and then reprocesses the same 500 device records over and over

its supposed to stop after reaching its target but CIT will show its processing e.g 2500 out of 600 Devices, and will continue reprocessing the same 500 Device records into infinity and never stop


If  do the same scenario with a SM 9 instance, it extracts all records correctly without a problem

Does anyone know why with SM7, it has this issue with 500 records. I assume its a setting somewhere or there is a bug in Connect-IT

We have already logged it with MicroFocus, but wanted to see if someone has encountered this or would possibly know why:)

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