Updating Incidents by email

Hi All,

I am using SM 9.63.  Whenever an incident is created the person whom the incident is assigned to receives an email.

Now when the assignee is done with the incident and he can't get back to his desk to close the incident he wants to reply back on this email and setting something for example in the body email like "Resovled" and the system should set this incident to resolved.

When I was trying to configure the integration manager node for smart email the options I am getting is create interaction or create incident, there is no option for updating a particular incident.  Can someone point me to the idea to get this done.


  • Verified Answer

    There are HTML templates that contains buttons in the email body. E.g. the HTML template sd.registered.for.smart.email contains the buttons Mark as Solved and Add a Comment. When the user click the button a email reply is created that the user can type a comment in. When that email reply is sent to SM the users comment is pushed into the interaction. Also if the user click Mark as Solved, the interaction record is closed.


    For incidents there is a HTML template called IM.resolution.with.action you can use with SmartEmail: