department field in contacts not getting imported from LDAP using CIT scenario


I am using sm 9.63 and Connect-IT 9.8 for a scenario importing from Active Directory to contacts.  I have entered all departments using a previously created scenario in the departments table.  Now when I try to get the department field for the contact in the it does not get entered however when I do the exact same mapping to custom field it gets imported.  I looked in the log files and nothing seems to be happening there.  Attached are screen shots describing the case.  Appreciate your help.


  • Hi Osos,
    You need to relate the department to a Company.
    1- add the company in the MER department (5.png)
    2- Open the connect-it scenario & add the company attribute (either add it from LDAP Attribute or write it manually, but the name should match the company name in Service Manager).

    Hope this helps.