Notification - Approval of Change Management

Hi All,

I'm using SM9.2 in Windows server.

The problem I face is where the second change approver wouldn't get notified after the first change approver has approve the ticket.

The OOB statement below in ChM Change Approval doesn't work:-

approval.status in $L.file="pending" and current.pending.groups in $L.file~=current.pending.groups in $

I've tried putting it on ChM Change Update but it doesn't work too. I've tested out many times and doubled checked the approval, operator email, notification.

One of the solution i thought of is to create a new variable to store the old current.pending.groups and using that to validate to send out notification.

Is there any alternatives?
Does anyone knows how to copy the current.pending.groups field into another new variable?



  • hi,
    you can use the macro to send mail.
    But you have to create different macro for different phases.

  • could you elaborate more on how to use macro?

  • Verified Answer


    In command line type "macros"
    here put the condition like:
    current.phase in $"phase name" and not same(current.phase in $, current.phase in $L.old) and subcategory in $"subcategory" and approval.status in $"pending"

    from help file:

    Service Manager macros
    Service Manager macros are discrete units of work a system administrator invokes to do things like send email to a specific address or page a specific phone number. These macros are more similar to Microsoft Access macros than to Microsoft Word macros, which simply record and play back keystrokes.

    Macros are distinct actions, driven by predefined conditions, that execute when a record is saved in the database. Macro actions are associated with files and reflect certain states in the records of those files. If a macroâ s condition evaluates to true when a record is saved, the macroâ s action executes. A typical condition is priority.code in $ â 1â , causing that macroâ s action to execute when a saved incident ticket has a priority code of 1.

    As a Service Manager administrator, you can create macros to run processes automatically when specified events occur. For example, you can create a macro to page a manager when an incident ticket hits a DEADLINE ALERT.

    Macro editor definition

    Field label Database field name Description
    Macro name name System administrator creates unique name for this macro.
    Applies When filename Predefined event option for execution of this macro. Select an event from the drop-down list. For example, when a change request is saved.
    Macro Type type Predefined macro type for this macro.
    Macro Condition condition Define a condition for when this macro should execute. For example, when a priority 1 incident ticket is opened, page the members of an assignment group.

  • How to create a macro :

    When creating a macro, you must name and define the conditions of the macro before setting the parameters for its execution.

    Click Utilities > Tools > Macros > Add.
    Type a name for the new macro in the Macro Name field.
    For the example, type test.
    In the Applies When field, select an event option from the drop-down list indicating when you want the macro to execute.
    For the example, select Incidents are Saved.
    In the Macro Type field, select an action you want the macro to execute. Options include faxing, paging, mailing, starting and stopping clocks, executing a RAD function or evaluating an expression.
    For this example, select Page 1 Person.
    Type a Macro Condition that triggers the macro to execute. When this condition evaluates to true, Service Manager executes what is defined in the Macro Type field.
    For example, you can page a specific person when a new incident ticket is set to priority 1. Type priority in $â 1â .
    Click Set Parameters to establish the parameters for this macro.
    Note: The available fields in this form vary depending on the value in the Macro Type field in the edit form for your new macro.
    Provide additional information where needed. For example, Send Page to-Specific Phone, Specific Contact, Specific Operator; Construct Message By.
    Click Save.
    You return to the macro edit form.
    Click OK.
    The macro record saves and you are return to the macro list form. Updating a macro record uses the same edit forms as the creating process.
    Click Search from the macro list form to refresh the list of macros. Click OK in the search dialog box.

  • Hi,

    I found out that in the set parameter there is no current.pending.groups as a field for the macro to send out email =(

    Thanks for the solution using macro. I learn something new. Its good to know ^^

    Still looking for a way.
  • Hi winterkoh,

    In set parameters, select sendmail to : contacts in file

    Here the all fields in cm3t table will be displayed and you can select the current.pending.groups to send mails.

    But probably it wold send mail only to one assignment group and you are trying to send mail for more than one assignment group.

  • Hi,

    I have not tried it so can not be sure of the results. But can you try to write the same notification condition in the notification definition named "Approval Added" instead of "ChM Change Approval" or "ChM Change Update". It may work.

    Also, I think ~= is not the correct operator. You can use the function:
    not same(current.pending.groups in $L.file, current.pending.groups in $

    You can switch off the macro before that.
  • Hi winterkoh,

    I also faced the same problem.

    Firstly, I tried to configure the email notification in order to send to all approvers in sequence. But it also not working.

    Secondly, I also tried to configure the email notification in order to send to all approvers after creating new change approval phase when the approval status is pending. But it also not working.

    May I know how to solve this issue?

    Thanks & regards,
    Thomas Peng
  • Hi Piku,

    Yeah I would wanna trigger to more than one approval group/ operator. Please do tell me if there is any more ideas. Thanks.

    Hi Vijay,

    I applied the condition that you mentioned and tried in Approval Added but seems like there is no email triggered too. Its good to know there are other Notifications that is possible way to do this. I'll look further into this.

    Hi Thomas,

    Haven't found a solution yet. Am still looking. Please do tell me if you found out anything. Thanks.

    Winter Koh
  • Hello Winter/Thomas, Even am facing the same issue, whenever the first approver approves the request following person is not getting any notification and also the initiator is not getting any notification for any of the approvals.. please assist if u were able to find the solution for this issue. Regards, Madhu