In template for a change ticket, unable to populate a value for "affected service"

Hi Experts,


In HPSM, I am creating a template for a change ticket but unable to populate a value for  "affected service" . This field "affected service" is a fill button. But when I click on it, it doesnt call a device table. Its not saving the value of affected service. I am not able to find which link shall I use for this template to populate a value for  "affected service" from the table "device".


 Please help..



Raju Singh

  • Actually, you've stumbled on a defect bigger than that.


    The cm3r datadict (Data Policy) record is not correctly configured for two fields:

    affected.item (caption should be: Affected Service)

    and (caption is Affected Services)


    Problem One:

    • The affected.item field is marked as field type "System" which means that it is a system calculated value which should not be selectable in a template.
    • Set the field type to Data, instead of System.
    • The Affected Service field should be available to new templates (it may not appear in existing templates.

    Problem Two:

    • The Affected Services field should NOT be available for a template. It is a system generated field.
    • Affected Services is system generated based on the business services that may be impacted based on the CIs being modified in the change record.
    • To correct this, set the field type for to "System" 
  • Thanks John.. It actually worked what you suggested.. Highly appreciated.. Hats off to you.. :)
  • Hi Experts,


    John has resolved the previous issue. Now I am getting one more issue.


    While designing a template for Change. I am unable to populate a value for subcategory now. It shows a message "Cannot find related information in cm3rsubcat using query: category=category in $File".


    I have done the following steps


    In data policy ( datadict), in the subcategory field, I have made usage type to Appliation, it didnt work. Then I changed the usage type to Data, still it didnt work. Attached are the screen shots..


    Please help..

  • Verified Answer

    The subcategory query is dependent on the category (categories have different subcategories).

    Category is excluded from Templates, and without a category specified you cannot select a subcategory.


    If you've standardized your subcategories so that they are the same for all changes, you could generate a global list for the subcategory values, add that to the global list column for subcategory in data policy, and then you should be able to select from the drop down.

  • I am trying to create a template from record. I do not have that option from the dropdown. When I check the template table I do not see a table for cm3r. How can I add cm3r to the template table.