SLO - Duration Time - Duration in Record

I want to add a new SLO duration there shall calculation one hour between Resolved and Closed. When i press Resolved in the incident, the field resolved.time in $L.file are fill out with a timestamp eg.

28/06/11 17:55:06


The SLO shall now run from the timestamp 1 hour ->resolved.time in $file '01:00:00", but when i try i received this error


WARNING:  Duration Field value (resolved.time in $L.file '0 03:00:00') in Response SLO (Resolved to Close) is invalid! 


Any good idea how to solve this 


  • SLOs are already tied to status progression. When the IM is changed to problem.status="Resolved", then the SLO for Resolved to Closed will start automatically.

    You don't need to calculate the due date based on the resolved.time, you just need to set the duration for the SLO to the interval '01:00:00'. It will automatically start when the status is changed to resolved, and schedule the SLO expiration 1 working hour ahead (depending on the associated work calendar).


    Now, if you want to be able to use a single SLO for Resolved to Closed, but want to use different durations for different priorities, you could add a field to the IM for You could use a format control calculation to set the duration based on the priority (e.g. if priority.code in $file="1" then in $file='01:00:00'; if priority.code in $file="2" then in $file='02:00:00') and then define the SLO to use the value of as the duration.


    The problem with the current calc is that you're passing a datetime "MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS" where the SLO application requires an interval: "DDD HH:MM:SS"