Attachments not adding on creating a Quote

The issue is that when I create a quote and add the attachment, the quote gets created but the attachment gets lost. I checked in the SYSATTACHMENTS table too but I cannot find any entry for that quote.

My client wants that the users should be able to add the attachments too while creating the quote.

Has anyone observed this behavior?

  • Hi Mayur,


    I am not familiar with SR but the issue you mentioned is due might be due to as per design of SM.

    If your quote unique id is not generated at the time of attaching the file then attachment would not be attached to record at all.Because it is mandatory to have record id to write entry to SYSATTACHMENTS table.So you need to have ID first by submitting the quote then add attachment and the save record .




  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response.

    I know that the record id is required to make an entry in the SYSATTACHMENTS table. But for the users, its like an extra step for them just to add the attachments. So they have to first create the quote, then add the attachments, save the quote and then move it to the next phase.

    Is there any workaround for this? This bevaior is not in any other module. I can create a change, incident etc with the attachments.

  • Hi,


    You can not avoid that step because SM is designed that way.And it is clearly mentioned in help server and also told by HP that it could not be possible to attach without record id.I do not any workaround for it and never found anybody to implement it as described by you.

    And regarding other module it is always need of record id to attach atleast till SM7.1x version,do not know if it is changed in 9.x version or not.If you are able to attach(till 7.1x) then record id must be there.For SD and IM module there is functionality(in environments records) to generate id before submit/creating of record so it is possible there but for change module it is not possible.




  • Make sure the "Assign Number Before Commit?" checkbox is set to true in the Request Management Quote Category records.

  • The "Assign Number Before Commit?" checkbox is set to true in all our Request categories.

    Let me reiterate my issue. I think you are getting confused here.

    When I click on 'Open new Quote' link, I need to select the quote category first. Then I need to select the line items. A form 'submit.request.g' appears later on where I have to click to 'Submit Request' button. And then a form opens up where I fill in all the fields. This form appears based on the form associated with the Post Catalog Open script specified in the first phase of the quote category. So on this form, I have a tab called 'Attachments'. So when I add an attachment in that tab and fill up mandatory fields and then click on Ok, the quote gets created. But then I check into the SYSATTACHMENTS table, I don't find any attachment for that quote.


  • There is no confusion, but thank you for the clarification. It is possible to include an attachment when adding a record...this can be validated by opening a ticket in Incident Management (tested against 7.11).


    As Pikutj stated, SYSATTACHMENTS require the unique identifier of the primary record to be populated. The feedback was to document how to verify the number field is populated before the Quote is added/opened.


    The issue is likely related to the fact that the input of the attachment occurs in a script instead of the RAD Application responsible for adding the Quote (see trace). Based on the description, I would guess that the "pointer" to the attachment does not follow the Quote from script.execute back to


    Workflow excerpt:
    |5| RAD:
    |5|          check.added
    |5|          open.script
    |5| RAD: script.execute
    |5|          start


    Hopefully this will help troubleshoot the issue or identify whether it is possible within the existing design. The "debugattachments" parameter (placed in the sm.ini file) should offer some insight into what is/isn't happening with the attachment.