Attachments not adding on creating a Quote

The issue is that when I create a quote and add the attachment, the quote gets created but the attachment gets lost. I checked in the SYSATTACHMENTS table too but I cannot find any entry for that quote.

My client wants that the users should be able to add the attachments too while creating the quote.

Has anyone observed this behavior?

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  • The "Assign Number Before Commit?" checkbox is set to true in all our Request categories.

    Let me reiterate my issue. I think you are getting confused here.

    When I click on 'Open new Quote' link, I need to select the quote category first. Then I need to select the line items. A form 'submit.request.g' appears later on where I have to click to 'Submit Request' button. And then a form opens up where I fill in all the fields. This form appears based on the form associated with the Post Catalog Open script specified in the first phase of the quote category. So on this form, I have a tab called 'Attachments'. So when I add an attachment in that tab and fill up mandatory fields and then click on Ok, the quote gets created. But then I check into the SYSATTACHMENTS table, I don't find any attachment for that quote.