Failed to open datadict file



I am having query on one of the following error.


  3476(  5312) 07/06/2012 03:42:24  RTE E Failure opening 'datadict' file, terminating.
  3476(  5312) 07/06/2012 03:42:24  RTE E Failed to initialize one or all of the core files( dbdict, code, format and link)


could any one of you, let me know if came across the above error, how to sort these kind of errors to connect HP SM Cleint.


Appreciate on early response...

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  • Please login into DB using DB Admin and check whether following tables are also present and have records,


    dbdict, code, format and link


    desc DBDICTM1

    desc CODEM1

    desc FORMATM1

    desc LINKM1


    select * from DBDICTM1

    select * from CODEM1

    select * from FORMATM1

    select * from LINKM1


    Also login as SM user defined in sm.ini file to access the database and check whether above tables are present and have records....

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