Format Designer for print a record incident or interaction

Hi guys,

I am trying to modify the print form, but until now I have not been able to find it, I have already searched in most system forms, my question: is it possible to modify this form? Or do I have to create a different one?
I want to modify the incident or interaction printing form, because I want to add some fields and remove some.

Attach a screenshot of a tool box record the version 9.60.

I look forward to your comments and experiences.

Regards and thanks for your time.

  • For older versions we usually have two formats with same name and one having the .g; if the .g exists it's the form HPSm shows in client/web client and without .g for printing.. you can clone your format adding the .g and make the test removing some fields from the form without .g
    if this does not work, the only way I can think is create a specific printing form, create an action/button that calls a wizard to print.. instead of one click, two to print ...
    you can try this approach with 9.6 to see if it's still working...
    it's an alternative
    OOB 9.6 forms does not have the old pattern but you may try to use, copso you can
  • Good day,

    Thanks for responding to the query.

    However, I have been looking for this form and it has not been possible to find it, the screenshot was taken at the time of pressing the print button, I will continue looking for this form and apply the solution you propose.

    When I find the form, I'll be posting a response.