How to reset a SLO

Hello Experts,

I have a requirement where, I need to reset a SLO everytime it gets activated. in other words It should add the slo duration from the current time.  

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  • Yes, please find the script attached,. it is a trigger written for slaactive table


    1. Find out the initial status of the SLO you want to reset
    2. Create a dummy status in pmstatus table and include this status in SLA configuration and as Suspend status in your SLO that you want to reset
    3. Write the script similar to the one attached with this thread (In my script it will only reset the SLO related to status Work in Progress - OW. Because I had other SLOs running on the same incident and I didnt want to disturb them) If you want to reset all the SLOs for an incident then clear (write script) the slaactive table whenever you want to reset the SLOs

    Have a look at the slaactive table for an incident or anything before modifying this


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