availabiliy SLO for "affected service" is not getting displayed in uptime objective on incidents



I am facing  a weird issue with Availability SLO and its getting me crazy now.. this is occuring in OOB as well.


I have defined two availability SLOs  one on Affected Service (i.e. business service) and other on Affected CI (i.e network component)


They are defined in base SLA which is being called from IM (incidents).


Now, when I raise a new incident and specify both Affected Service (affected.item in dbdict) and affected CI (logical.name in dbdict), I only see one Availability SLO being displayed under uptime objective and that SLO is related to affected ci (i.e. logical.name)


If I go to availability slo of Affected service, it does display me availability is getting calculated for this service as well... but I don't understand why it is not getting displayed on the Incident.


Same is true if I raise an incident with only affected Servvice... nothing gets displayed on Incident but availability percentage is still getting calculated for that service.


I have tried running SLO in background and foregroud, but still same response.


Similarily, when SLO are set to run in background instead of foreground, it even doesn't display any response SLO as well on the incident.. although I can see "next expiration time" is set properly. I have left incident open for 10 minutes but still no SLO appear on the incident.


Any idea guys where else can I look to get this issue resolved. This can be seen on OOB system with no customization... so no idea what could go wrong. I can't find anything related on HP Support website either.


Appreciate your help



  • Verified Answer

    The issue is due to the fact that the input for the virtual join is "logical.name.vj.sloavail", which is an alias on the logical.name field. If you want to display information on logical.name and affected.item, you will need to add

    1) a new virtual join subform with an input of an alias to the affected.item field

    2) a line to the probsummary link that uses that alias to the affected.item field in the same fashion as it is using logical.name.vj.sloavail


    If you do these two changes to format and link, you will be able to see all SLOs.