Update from HPSM 9.34 to 9.41

Hello, i´m trying to update my Service Manager from 9.34 to 9.40. I have some doubts about it.

Are below steps correct?

  1. Do a backup of 9.34 enviroment
  2. Install 9.40 server and client. When i install the server, i have to join 9.40 server with the database of the 9.34 enviroment?
  3. Continue with the manual from chapter 4 step 2?
  4. When i finish the manual, should i install "HPSM_00743_Service Manager 9.41.0020 - Applications"? or exist other way to update the applications?
  5. And then will i finish the upgrade or i need something more?

Am i right? Because i don´t know when i should join the old database with 9.40 server, and when upgrade the application


manual: https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/km/KM01824178/SM930PD_SM941_upgrade.pdf?lang=en&cc=us&hpappid=202392_SSO_PRO_HPE.

Thanks so much. Matias Romero.