Update CI version Automatically

I want to update the CI version automatically when we close a release record 

the naming convention will be like displayName_Location_Date, this will be from cm3r table to device file .


any help to do this  ?


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  • So. You can use FC and script (as trigger)


    In Calculations for calculation line:

    Use field of table or temporary variable (for example - $L.Version)

    $L.Version="Some text if need - " field1 in $file ", Some more fixed text if need; " field2 in $file

    Well now just transfer this $L.Version where you need.


    Or You can use Triggers :

    if (!system.functions.same(record.status,oldrecord.status) && record.status=="Closed")
    	var TableDevice = new SCFile("device");
    	if (TableDevice.doSelect("logical.name=\"" record.number "\"") == RC_SUCCESS)
            TableDevice.version= record.YOURFIELD1 "_" record.YOURFIELD2 "_" record.YOURFIELD3

    If this trigger for CM3R table so - record.YOURFIELD1 - field from cm3r table and

    record.number field in CM3R table wich contained logical.name value