Deploying Tomcat on SM Server under Linux

Can anyone assist?  How do I deploy Tomcat on Linux SM 9.50 server?  Does Tomcat get it's own directory and point to the directory beneath /opt/HPE/ServiceManager9.50/Server/RUN/tomcat/ ?  We are not able to get the Webtier deployed and the documentation is sketchy at best.  Thanks in advance.


  • Verified Answer

    You don't install the webtier to the tomcat folder that the application install creates, this is for the application server to use.  You need to create a seperate install of tomcat and put the sm.war in the webapps folder. 

    When you start tomcat it deploys the sm web tier.

    Depending on number of users and you may need to have a seperate server.

    The SM install documentation should cover the requirements and install options.