Configuration Item Relationship

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What is the use of Configuration Item Relationship in SM.

Can any one briefly explain this.


 Please find the screen shot , what does the fields here stand for ?




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    This is used to create/show the dependencies between different type of CI and graph is displayed in tab "Relationship Graph"

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    Can you please explain me bit more in the buiseness perspective





    From help server:

    Parent, child, and container hierarchy

    Configuration Management uses parent/child relationships to structure configuration records. Configuration records contain a field within which to list the parent CI. When you view a configuration record, the Options menu provides choices to find parent and child records for a selected CI.

    Hierarchy Function Parent The next component up the hierarchy from a selected component. A parent component must have an identified child component. A parent CI can have more than one child. A child CI is not required to be of the same CI type. For example, a server can be the parent of UNIX and Windows workstations. The same server can have a network printer attached, which is also a child of the same parent as the workstations.
    The same CI can have multiple parent CIs. For example, the same workstation (a child) can connect to multiple servers (parents). Child The next component downward in the hierarchy. A child CI can also have its own children. In this case, the child is both a parent and a child. A child component must have an identified parent component. For example, a local printer would be a child of a workstation; the workstation is the child of a server. Therefore, the workstation is both parent and child. Container A structure that contains other CIs. A container is neither parent nor child, although it can contain one or more parents or children. For example, a network segment is the container for the PCs is that segment.

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    How to disable relationship graph in Configuration management. Not just deleting the graph in the form. I meant completely from the source.

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