Query to not allow the SRC Catalogue requester to be set as the approver of the Job

Hi All,

The customer has a requirement on a catalogue item that the approver cannot be the same as the requester. 

The following are the queries that i have tried that havent worked for the user option Approver that are using the field Contact Name on the Operator Table. The part of the query that i want and currently doesn't work is in bold

contact.name <a*" and not (contact.name#".") and contact.name<>$lo.user.name
contact.name <a*" and not (contact.name#".") and not(contact.name=$lo.user.name)
contact.name <a*" and not (contact.name#".") and contact.name<>name in $lo.operator


Could i please get some help with this query so that it includes the part where the requester cannot be the approver.

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