What are you using to push emails to Service Manager

Aside from HP Connect-It.

There are times that connect-it seems to be stuck.  And since I'm not that familiar with it, it's very hard to debug.  

We can create a VB program that can consume the web service.  It's just pushing the emails into a simple (user defined) table anyway.

Any inputs would be appreciated.

  • In order to properly generate the monitor logs in CIT , please follow the instructions below :

    1. In Scenario Builder, Edit -> Options -> Accessory -> Logs -> set Show queries in tracking lines to Yes
    2. Monitors -> Configure Monitors. Set all filters (in both the Display sessions and Session backups to >>Normal Processing<< No Filter) and set the Back-up directory

    Also you can search for problem in conitgui.log in BIN folder of CIT