ERD required for HP servicedesk 5.1 Patch10


I need Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD) for HP Servicdesk 5.1 Patch10. I hope anyone of you guys who are hitting the DB's for reporting might have one.

That would be great help from you guys. Thanks in advance.
  • I use the database views for that purpose, not the tables. Names are much more user-friendly and information is centralized instead of spread across multiple tables as it occurs with certain entities.

    As for diagrams, I don't have any but I have never needed them when using the data dictionary.

    Also, I believe most recent RDBMSs are capable of generating diagrams.

    Hope this helps.
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    The Pike
  • Dear Pike,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Can you elaborate more on Database views?as i am not a DB guy
    How i can use them to generate reports and understand the underlaying DB relations.
  • Verified Answer

    A database view could be called a stored query, the result of which would be a virtual table composed of the actual contents of one or many tables but computed dynamically, meaning that if you change the actual table contents, the database view will also reflect such change.

    In the System Settings in Service Desk, there should be a workspace called Report Settings where you can find the Data Dictionary as well as a button to (re)generate views for reporting.

    Service Desk will create those database views based on the actual tables but with friendly names and actual values rather than OIDs.

    I guess more info is available in the application's help files.

    Hope this helps.
    Points are welcome.

    The Pike