how to unload script in HPSM using command prompt or program external to HPSM server

I want to perform 

db -> Table as “unload” -> Search “CR-PSD.unl” -> Click Proceed

to execute from Command line or program without using HPSM server.


how can I excute this step using command line or HPSM program

  • Verified Answer

    Generally, if you'd like to access SM data from other systems, you can use the web service APIs:|Web%20Services%20Guide|_____0

    Specifically to your question, you can create a script record: db -> scripts -> add like below:

    And then in the windows command line run:

     sm.exe script.execute NULL NULL test.script NULL -bg

    it will export all the records defined in UnitTest into D:\\test3.unl. 

    Hope it helps,


  • lingyanmeng

    what is "unit test" parameter under "name" 

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