how to unload script in HPSM using command prompt or program external to HPSM server

I want to perform 

db -> Table as “unload” -> Search “CR-PSD.unl” -> Click Proceed

to execute from Command line or program without using HPSM server.


how can I excute this step using command line or HPSM program

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  • Hi ling-yan,

    As in the provoided Script is it posssible to pass the parameter "unittest' and "D:\\test3.unl" from command line shomwhere in below syntax

    sm.exe script.execute NULL NULL test.script NULL -bg

     And I also need a Script to purge a unl file.

    this is because if iI want to rollback a loaded file then data should purge.

    Please can you provide some idea or guide path how to do this ?