Change Approval notification not triggering

Hi All,

We are having HP Service Manager v9.41 , We are facing an issue for change approval notification.

We have created a Apprval Definition recrod where in the groups\Oper are either the groups or a specific operator returned through a javascript as shown below:

3.jpgThe approvers are successfully getting attached to the Change request but approval notification is only triggering to members of Change Management group & Release Management group members only. 

"Requester Line Manager" , "Service Owner Approver" which are being mapped through JS in approval definition record are not getting notifcations.

Below are the screenshots of the Change Workflow where the approvals are mapped in Approval Phase under Approvals TAB:


Have tried attaching the rule set in "Approval" phase under following TAB's (On Enter, After Successful enter, Initialization



Please Suggest

Thanks In Advance