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Hi Experts,

We are using service manager 9.35, & using Service Catalog

Through Manage catalog we have designed few catalog items. & under user selection TAB, we have created few user selections, 

Assume we have 5 user slections created:

Choose user, User's Phone, User's Email id, User's Location, User's Department

So once the use fills in "Choose user", rest of the 4 user options (User's Phone, User's Email id, User's Location, User's Department) , should fill automatically.

Pls note : choose user is getting its value from lookup table : contacts

Kindly suggest



  • Hello Neo, 

    I hope you are great, 

    For the fill of the values are the validations ok? Wich values did you use to automcomplete the fields? As this is not an OOB environment do you have an UNL for testing? Is there any error message in the logs? Did you use an virtual join or link to call from the table contacts? 


    Luis Diego Sánchez H.

    SW Support Engineer

  • Hi Luis,

    yes the validations are OK, becuase we are choosing the user value from contacts table.

    based on which rest of the 4 user options should be filled from the values present in contacts table.

    It should behave exactly like standard fill button functionality the way it does in standard forms like etc...

    Hope you are getting my issue!!!!




  • Hi Experts,

    Awaiting your response.

    these are user selections, where the system generates a dynamic form for them. We are not discussing about the standard virtual form or HPSM forms etc.

    Seeking your expert advice in this regard.


  • Hi Neo,

    I am afraid that your requirement is not included in current SM's design.
    Catalog item's dynamice view is different from general form and it has very limiited functionality.
    Could you review Service Request Catalog Customization Guide 9.35, whether you could find alternative way ?

    Support Engineer

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