Approval recalculate not working in interatcion

Hi Experts
We have procedure for a certian kind of approvals situation is like :

Whenever I should raise a request (SD), I should be mapped as a approver & if required I should be able to add an approver before me to approve & then in second sequence I should be able to approve.

I used the below steps to configure:

Step 1: Created Approval roles & Approval Activities as

Step 2: Created a form in order to collect approver id

Step 3: Created a wizard & called the form created in step 2 in wizard created as :

Step 4 : Modifed the object record of incidents Under Approval TAB, recalculate approval if  field as :

FYI : zbelongto is a logical field created in incidents table as shown in form in step 2 (check for approver label) while officer is a field created in incidents table

Raised a request, Approval is getting attached to me & when trying attaching to add aporover through wozard approver is niot getting attached

Kindly suggest