Capture User Options (svc.options) value from Service catalog to request forms

Hi Experts,


We are having HP Service Manager 9.40.


We are using Service catalog in order to generate requests in our enviornemnets. Requests generated requires huge data to be collected from end user so that team can work on the information provided.


We are collecting the information in the form where user options are present.


Now we need to copy the values from these user options to request form fields, & afterwards for reporting purpose.


I belive these are XMl fields, kindly suggest how can the values from these xml fields can be extracted & further be used in request form fields.


Kindly suggest

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  • Hello Neo.


    Hope you are doing fine.


    Is the case closed? you would need to contact PSO in order to study this customization. I think that what you could do is that the engineer already has the ticket proceed to add resources, then this will be studied and for sure an ER will be necessary to open. But first you need the approve that it counts like ER.