different "related" menu behavior based on type of ticket

When our users click on the submenu in an incident ticket and go to "related->changes->open", it will open a new change, but first ask them what category of change they want to open. This is fine and is the desired behavior, but when they perform the same action while in a change ticket (relate a change to a change), it auto assumes the category you currently have selected is the one you want so no category selection window appears. What could be the cause of this and an even better answer is, where is this behavior defined? I'd like to know how to modify the related menu actions anyways so this would be a good opportunity to learn more about that. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Hi Justin,

    Which version of SM are you using ? I tried to check in my SM 9.20 OOB and if I try the same steps, in both cases i get below result.

    Case 1 : From existing incident, go to related->changes->open, I get a change opened with "Default" catagory.

    Case 2 : From existing Change, go to related->changes->open, I get a change opened with "Default" catagory.

    i.e. In both case1 and 2 the result is opening a "default" change.

    correct me if i am doing anything wrong and let me know if there was any customization done on the "Display Option" part. As this is controlled in DO.


    Lovi Thomas
  • I'm running 7.11. I get that same result if relate a change to a change but if a relate a new change to an incident it gives me the category selection list. Unfortunately someone else customized a lot of this system in the beginning so I'm not sure. Where would I find the "Display Options" to modify them and see if anyone changed anything? Thanks.
  • Hi Justin,

    In the SM command line type do and hit enter.

    You will get the Display Option screen. There in the Default Label : give Related>Changes>Open and search. You will get 5 results.

    out of that, the one which has Screen ID "apm.edit.problem" is the one responsible for opening a related change from an existing change ticket. Compare that with the Screen ID: "cc.edit.incident". Here you will find what these menus do.


    Lovi Thomas

    (Points appreciated)
  • Hey sorry I haven't been getting back to you. I'm looking at the display options for change and incidents and they are different from a condition standpoint but all of them have the "Action" of openchg so I'm wondering if the action is where I need to look next. What is an action and where do I modify it at? I believe it's a custom action based on not being available in the drop down. Thanks again.
  • Hi Justin,

    Before looking at the action in your display option, I would look at the Scripts/Views tab of the Change Phase record of your first phase. There may be a script difined in the Open field with conditions dictating the open behaviour of the first phase of your change ticket. In my environment I have a script defined here and I get prompted for a Category regardless of whether I use the Related->Change->Open from an Incident ticket or from within another Change ticket.

    If you don't see any reason there and you still want to investigate the action, you can view what Process is called by the action in your display option by looking at the relevant State record (Tailoring->Document Engine->States). For Change (cm3r) tickets the relevant State record is cm.view and for Incident tickets (probsummary) it is im.view. This could be different, depending on what you are doing, but at this point these are the two significant State records. In the State records it shows all the Display Actions and what Process record they call. I believe oob the us.screlate Process is called by the openchg action from both probsummary and cm3r records, and oob it is a very simple Process record, so unless it has been customized in your environment, I doubt the differing behaviour is configured here.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Justin,

    open the process "screlate.cm3r.category" and under RAD tab you will find this line,
    "category in $L.file=nullsub(category in $L.file, "Default")"

    remove it.

    Now when ever you open a related change it will prompt you to choose category from the list.
  • BLUE! Thank you that was it! you get points for that one. Lovi you also get points for helping me open up new parts of Service Manager I've never needed to before to see how things work. Thank you both.
  • You should removed the following line from the RAD section of the screlate.cm3r.category process: "category in $L.file=nullsub($mp.cm3r.category, "Normal")"