Saving a CLOSED Ticket!!


In my system, NNM and SM are integrated. Tickets are generated and closed by NNM through scmail.

I have put a calculation in IM.close.incident to calculate outage when a ticket is closed

this field is populated with a value(difference of outage end and start time)

Problem is.... this value is not getting displayed in qbe, UNLESS i save that particular ticket...

unless it isn't saved i can't export it how can i cause a closed tkt

to be autosaved (without having to do it manually for each tkt) that this calculated value is store in db.

Please help!!


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    You need not to restart the services for this change only thing you have to make sure is to check when NNM is closing the tickets. One thing i would like to know is your NNM traps are closinh the incidents correctly ? I mean to say if its only updating the incidents status to "Closed" or its calling the "close" action ?

    Check your event register to make sure what is happening actually. Meanwhile you can try another workaround as :

    Go to formatctrl of probsummary.Click on JS tab and try the script below :

    function updateIncident(incidentId)

    {var incT=new SCFile("probsummary")

    var oInc= incT.doSelect("number=\"" incidentId "\"");

    if (oInc==RC_SUCCESS)


    print("Incident " incidentId " has been updated by JS")



    On Update : problem.status in $file="Closed" and not gui()   

           Delete : problem.status in $file="Closed" and not gui()

    Check this out and let us know if you still have issue.