File records in Format Control

I am adding a new module to my system called PACR. In this module I am adding activity records. I was able to add activity records to Configuration Management doing a javascript comparison between $file and $file0 inside format control. However in the new module PACR the $file0 is full of null values. I checked "Save Copy" in format control but the record's($file0) properties are all null values.

Is there a place the $file0 is being assigned values in other module Format Controls or is there a location the value should be assigned like in other modules?

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  • The field name in the Object record with the "Add/open application" label is scm.add.appl (it is not a RAD Application). Please try removing the value "se.list.engine" from this field and leave it blank.



    Although there might be some exceptions, there should not be a need to call/specify se.list.engine or se.view.engine directly. These are basic components of the Document Engine work-flow and will be called automatically as needed.