HP SM 9.35 send changes records with same fields on HTML Format tuncated

Hello Experts,

I'm facing an issue to add same fields in my HTML notification that contains same records of changes:

We have same records and we send this manually by email in HTML format (te expression of HTML template is : var $ = lib.c.$;
var _ = lib.Underscore.require();
var _str = system.functions.str;
var _checkModule = lib.hppsTools.checkModule;
var _getDisplayValue = lib.hppsTools.getDisplayValue;

var sFileName = system.functions.filename($RECORD);
var sHtmlStyle = lib.hppsConfig.getConfigValue("hpps.printpreview.html", "style");

var sHeaderInfo = "<table><tbody><tr><td class=\"header\">Ordre du jour CAB</td></tr></tbody></table>";
var sRelationships = "";
if (_checkModule("hppsSelectionPrintPreviewService")) {
    sRelationships = $("#hppsSelectionPrintPreviewService").getPrintPreviewHTML(vars.$G_sql, "cm3r", true, false);

The SL and HTML used  are hppsConfigService, hppsHTMLViewer, hppsPrintPreviewService, hppsSelectionPrintPreviewService but we want to send same others fields to current records views: we have add all the fields needed in "HPPS Relationship HTML Table cm3r" but we are limited to only 6 fields.

We can't add any print in our hpps SL..

Any guys have any idea how to do this.

Thanks in advance