HPSM 9.35 Sort view approval.inbox.display

Hello guys !

I'm facing an issue that all my SD in my approval.inbox.display are not sorted by date of last approval date.

in my display screeni approval.inbox i can't see where i can adjust this !

any somoene have any idea?


Best regards/


  • What do you mean by issue? Did the behavior change after something?

    If you mean OOB Approval Inbox, unfurtonately the sort is inside the RAD.. I don't think there will be any easy way to do this...  .. you could sort on display screen as you wish but you'd still need to deal with the actions after the display.. well don't think it will work.... probably it would be easy reconstruct this function.....

    You can always try to change clients requirements.. otherwise, as they say you'll need to dig :)

    Hope it helps, let us know how you overcome this