941p4 SRC Can not add attachment in IE11


We have a client where you can not add attachments in IE11(windows7) via the SRC but can in Chrome. the upload bar just sits there, attached is a screenshot.

Here is the error, looks like permission but it works perfectly in Chrome on the same machine.

18 Nov 2016 12:13:40,922 ERROR [ajp-apr-8009-exec-17] (AttachmentMap.java:54) - java.io.IOException: fail deleting M:\TOMCAT8\webapps\src\secure\attachments\upload\76D7EC41F25836219FC6E7B1A09BCA7A\zJwIj

If i delete the folder relogin with IE it works but only once, next time i try to add an attachment i get the same loading screen.

What is going on?



  • Hello Peterkas,

    hope you are doing well.

    Did you try cleanning the tomcat cache and web history? then restar services.

    If that doesn't work check your flash version and installation, if update is needed please go ahead.

    As last option, check the IE properties for permissions.

  • Thanks,

    I cleared the the tomcat cache. flash version is latest. Issue looks to be that we use TSO to log in, so when i set


    It's working properly in IE11, BUT now it stops working in Chrome, the upload button does not appear.

    Note attached screenshot.


  • Verified Answer

    Hi Peterkas,

    a. SRC only supports attachment files that are less than < 30 MB. If user selects a file that is greater than 30 MB, the Upload button will not appear.
    b. The accurate progress of Uploading will not display. An indeterminate progress bar will show instead.
    c. When a user uploads a large file ( > 10 MB), the GUI may apparently hang for some time after the Upload button is clicked. This time depends on the size of the file and the performance of user's local machine. We recommend uploading files that are less than 10 MB.