CMDB business application CI's map to SM BizService OOTB?

We're trying to setup the CMDB <> SM integration and I'm a little stumped.  It seems that OOTB the following definition is setup for all business element CI's:


        <scriptFile path="mappings.scripts.SMPushFunctions"/>



        Push uCMDB CIT to SM Business Service.



        <source_instance query-name="SM Business Element Push 2.0*" root-element-name="Root" >

            <target_entity name="bizservice">               

                <target_mapping name="UCMDBId" datatype="STRING" value="Root['global_id']"/>

                <target_mapping name="CustomerId" datatype="STRING" value="SMPushFunctions.getCustomerId(CustomerInformation)"/>

                <target_mapping name="Type" datatype="STRING" value="'bizservice'"/>

                <target_mapping name="Subtype" datatype="STRING" value="SMPushFunctions.getSMSubType(Root['element_type'],ClassModel,'BizService')"/>               

                <target_mapping name="ServiceName" datatype="STRING" value="Root['display_label']"/>

                <target_mapping name="CIIdentifier" datatype="STRING" value="Root['display_label']"/>




...So everything is being set as a bizservice OOTB?? Why wouldnt the integration map a business application CI from CMDB to application in SM? Seems illogical no? So we have to break everything apart and define the mappings manually instead of it being done OOTB? Makes me wonder what we're in for with this integration...