servlets dying very frequently


We are on HP SM v9.20 build 021. (in the process of upgrade to SM9.41 p4 hybrid).

Recently we had built a catalog module of our own (custom built) using the ess portal. This basically creates Interactions, which goes for approval. Once it is approved, it creates change requests as fulfillment.

After this change went live, we have started seeing low memory issues.

Our application runs on Win 2k8 VM server with 64 GB of RAM.

The peak concurrent users are about 200 .

We have about 10 servlets with about 25 as no of threads per process.

Our HP CIT scenario listeners are running with JVM heap memory min of 512 and Max heap of 768 M .

We havent put any JVM heap parameters in our sm.ini file.

Do you think that specifying the JVM min and Max heap parameters in the ini to start with will help us in resolving the listener getting killed issue ?.

plz guide.